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Back massage with two hands

Qualified Osteopath Consultations

Julia is a fully qualified osteopath based in Bristol, she offers expert consultations and treatments plans to her patients.

What to expect

The initial consultation will be discussing your injury or symptoms over the phone or through email. You will then be invited for an in-depth consultation in person, at a time and date that suits you. In order to gain an accurate working diagnosis, I will need to examine you prior to any treatment or exercise. You may be asked to remove some clothing at this stage, however please feel free to bring gym or sports kit that will make you feel more comfortable. Read below to understand more about the process of your first consultation and treatments.

First Consultation

During the first consultation your medical history is discussed in depth, covering everything about the presenting problem including:

  • Lifestyle

  • Medications

  • Diet

  • Injuries

  • Previous/current health concerns

This is followed by a request for you to perform a variety of active movements. These movements are observed to identify any bodily restrictions or limitations as well as inconsistencies in joint positioning or areas of tension.
Following this comprehensive evaluation, you will be given a diagnosis of the condition, along with treatment options.
Your input is an important element valued at every stage of your treatment.


At this point Julia will offer the patient the diagnosis of their situation and discuss treatment options and hands-on treatment will begin.

On subsequent appointments we will begin with discussion on any changes to the symptoms since the previous treatment. From a combination of Julia’s previous notes, the patient’s feedback and a further active or passive assessment. Julia will be able to ascertain what the treatment plan for that session will be.


39 Victoria St, Staple Hill, Bristol, BS16 5JP 


07543 884598



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