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Acupressure Neck Massage

Professional osteopathic treatments

As a trained and fully qualified osteopath based in Bristol, Julia aims to identify and treat the cause of the problem to give a long-lasting improvement to her clients’ physical and mental health.


Osteopathy works with the body's natural self-healing mechanisms. By aligning the body's structure and improving functionality, osteopathy not only addresses specific symptoms but also supports the body's innate capacity to heal from within. This holistic approach encourages a harmonious balance within the body, essential for long-term health and prevention of future ailments. I will work with you to ensure that each session is tailor-made, using the most suitable techniques. During your first visit, I will undertake an in-depth consultation and assessment to develop a bespoke treatment plan. Get in touch today to organise a consultation.

Joint mobilisation

To alleviate pain or improve mobility in a specific joint, this technique involves the correct positioning and variable directional force between each surface of the joint. Often known as “cracking the back”.

Physiotherapy on foot
Head Massage

Cranial osteopathy

This is a more refined and subtle type of osteopathic treatment that enables the release of tension in the body through gentle manipulation of the nervous system. During this treatment hands are placed around the head, neck, shoulders, spine and sacral area in which the rhythm of the movement of bones is detected. This is known as the involuntary mechanism or the cranial rhythm. The use of this process can be extremely effective for releasing the nervous system and is gentle enough to work with any age from birth to the elderly.


Also known as Dry Needling or Western Acupuncture, this modality seeks to reduce pain and improve mobility in the muscles. A small, sterile needle is placed in an area known as a trigger point and will be left for several minutes to increase blood flow to the area and reestablish the connection with the affected area to the brain, allowing for relaxing any tension.

Treating with Acupuncture on back
Massage on persons back

Sports massage

Tension in the muscles occurs through the continual contraction caused by poor posture, sports, various injuries and mental stress. These can gradually cause the inability for the muscles to relax. Deep tissue, neuromuscular and muscle energy techniques all seek to promote more movement in the individual muscles, allowing for freedom of movement and alleviating pain.


Some injuries such as plantar fasciitis, meniscal tears, de Quervains tendonitis (to name but a few) require support in between treatment sessions. An adhesive tape is applied to effectively “strap-up” the joint whilst mimicking the surrounding muscles thus alleviating the pressure on the existing inflammation.

Pink K tape on knee
Healthy and wholesome breakfast

Nutritional approaches

It is helpful to understand any triggers in the diet causing unnecessary inflammation. Completing a food diary can also map patterns or imbalances to identify nutritional deficiencies relating to bone health, digestive issues and/or weight management.

Exercise and movement

Traditional medical advice “to rest up” when we injure ourselves is a thing of the past in the majority of cases. It is crucial the right advice is given in terms of short to long-term exercise/rehabilitation protocols, unique  to you and your circumstances.

Squatting with Band in gym
Meditation on rocky beach

Stress management

Aristotle once said “before you heal the body you must first heal the mind”. This is a personal journey for the individual and there are many accessible tools that can be discussed and shared if needed, including evidence-based breathing and meditation exercises for you to practise at home.

Contact Julia for professional osteopathic treatments in Bristol.


39 Victoria St, Staple Hill, Bristol, BS16 5JP 


07543 884598



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